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APEC's primary purpose for the Voices of The Future Program is to encourage youths between 18 - 25 to participate in various activities during the four days leading up to the main APEC event. Youths from countries associated with APEC will have the chance to research a theme provided by the host country to develop a project they will present to other APEC countries. With the presentations underway, representatives from their respective countries will cooperate in order to combine their projects into a final report that will be submitted to the host country's leader for review.

The APEC Voices of the Future program is organized in collaboration with the APEC Secretariat, tahe Official APEC Host Committee, and the APEC CEO Summit. Each year, the APEC Voices Leadership Team (following the principles that guide APEC) works with said offices and officials to plan the APEC Voices program in a way that suits the APEC Host Economy well, supporting organizations, events, and venues. This process is done to ensure the APEC-engaged learning experience for all of our students and educators.

The annual APEC Voices of the Future Program is primarily governed by the APEC Voices Leadership Council, consisting of the four permanent Co-Chairs from the following APEC Economies: People's Republic of China, Mexico, New Zealand, and Singapore. They are joined by the ex-official Co-Chairs from the Host Economy and the Virtual Trade Mission (VTM) Foundation International. The Co-Chairs are ABAC Members, senior business leaders, and educators. The APEC Voices Secretariat is located in Singapore, hosted by the Singapore Voices program in association with the National Youth Achievement Award Council of Singapore. 


The APEC Voices Leadership Council hopes that the annual APEC Voices of the Future Program will persist as independent youth leadership and educational diplomacy program within the APEC process. Up to this moment, the APEC Voices of the Future Program is funded solely by the respective Voices programs and participating delegations from each APEC economy; every member of the APEC Voices Leadership Council currently serves as a volunteer, receiving no compensation.

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